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Gửi lúc 03:24' 26/03/2012
Activities of entertainment in Shanxi Province are mostly collected in Pingyao Ancient City. At various attractions in Pingyao, there are many special cultural or theatrical events of the Ming dynasty during the daytime. Tourists can participate in these shows and enjoy the charm of this Old City. In addition, Pingyao Grand Theater stages many different kinds of local traditional performances every day. If this is not your cup of tea, you may choose to sip a brew until midnight at...

Gửi lúc 04:36' 16/03/2012
The scenic area provides a peaceful backdrop for tasting various local food and drinks. Tibetan Cake, Zanba, Pipa Meat, Saimi Lamb, Guoben Hot Pot, butter tea, yogurt, and barley wine are amongst the most popular. Zanba is the Tibetans ' staple food, made from highland barley flour. Usually, the locals like to eat Zanba with butter tea. Pipa Meat, a non-greasy preserved form of pork, is considered to be a local delicacy and normally kept for entertaining guests.

Gửi lúc 04:36' 16/03/2012
The unique climate of the Shangri-La plateau is ideal for growing various herbs including Rhizoma Gastrodiae, Chinese angelica, Chinese Caterpillar Fungus, etc. These are valuable medicines that are thought to improve the immune system. These items are a favorite of health-conscious tourists to the area

Gửi lúc 04:35' 16/03/2012
When evening falls, city center is transformed into a festive ground for the people of Shangrila. Hand-in-hand, they form a circle and perform Tibetan folk dances to the notes of joyous music. The cheerful atmosphere will tempt you to join them in dance. As more people join in, the circle becomes larger and larger, until it finally breaks up into more circles. For a deeper experience of the local culture, you can visit local Tibetan families, who sometimes perform folk dance...

Gửi lúc 04:33' 16/03/2012
Shangri-La is about 3300 meters (10,826 ft.) above sea level and is a humid plateau climate. The four seasons are not markedly different, but the temperature here changes much between day and night. On a sunny day, the temperature can reach up to 30C (86F), but when the sun is down it can feel like winter. Therefore, all visitors are advised to bring some warm clothing.

Gửi lúc 04:17' 16/03/2012
Pearl Products The temperature of the ocean around Hainan, especially in Sanya is perfect for culturing both black and white pearls. You can find some high quality pearls in Sanya where the best pearls are cultivated. And you can shop for the beautiful pearl jewelry and other pearl decorations

Gửi lúc 04:16' 16/03/2012
Like most island diets, traditional Hainan cuisine has been influenced over the years by local resources, weather and the environment. With an abundance of fresh catches of the day, seafood is very popular among visitors to Sanya. Besides, Sanya also features a really special collection of delicacies originated from the local people, namely, the Li People. If you are a vegetarian, all sorts of tropical fruits might be your favorite: mango, mangosteen, durian, pineapple, banana,...

Gửi lúc 04:15' 16/03/2012
Due to Sanya's long coastline and beach, there are many water sports provided for you including Scuba Diving & Snorkeling, Sailing, Surfing, Dragging Parachute, Kite Boarding, Offshore Fishing and etc.

Gửi lúc 04:13' 16/03/2012
Sanya features a very pleasant climate with yearly average temperature of 25°C (about 77F). The highest average Sanya temperature falls in July at 28.3°C while the lowest comes in Jan. at 20.3°C. The winter is very pleasant with neither frost nor snow. Flowers are in full bloom throughout the year. Sanya's rainfall is lower then the other area of Hainan Island, and 1/3 of the yearly rainfall comes with the typhoon, the concentrative rainfall makes Sanya weather a feature...

Gửi lúc 03:44' 16/03/2012
The streets of Pingyao are lined with shops that cater toward tourists. There are many special products and craftworks for sale, some of which are found nowhere else. The old town is known for lacquer wares, silk slippers, paper cuttings and cloth shoes etc. You will easily see the locals wear the cloth shoes as they march up and down the dusty streets. Try to bargain and keep an eye out for stalls that sell handmade crafts right in the places where they make them.

Gửi lúc 03:43' 16/03/2012
Pingyao offers traditional northern China cuisine and specializes in various noodle dishes and pastries. Locals will tell you they have over 108 kinds of noodles and pastries; try Wantuozi, that's a famous noodle dish. Also sink your teeth into Pingyao's beefy dishes. The street food menu includes Shuijianbao, the fried pork-stuffed buns and Doumianjianbao, the pancakes topped with string beans. Besides, trying a bowl of millet gruel might be a good choice after the oily meals in...

Gửi lúc 03:38' 16/03/2012
Pingyao has a continental climate with cold winter and hot summer. The temperature here is lower than other areas in the North China Plain because of the higher altitude of Shanxi Province, and the nearby mountain blocking the south-east ocean airstream. The coldest month is January, the average temperature is about –12℃, and 26℃ for the hottest July.