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Gửi lúc 04:20' 08/03/2012
The Thai government is actively pushing for new airlines to open up in the country, however when it comes to keeping the airlines in business and jets in the air, competition for fleet and skilled staff make it incredibly difficult to operate in the long-term.

Gửi lúc 04:17' 08/03/2012
Out of all of the city’s throughout the world, Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, has been named as one of the best value for money.

Gửi lúc 04:12' 08/03/2012
Tourists comes to staying safe, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you whether something is dangerous or not. When it comes to most accidents that take place overseas, it is more likely than not a combination of a) alcohol and/or b) stupidity.

Gửi lúc 03:51' 08/03/2012
The sophisticated resort with 13 exclusive pool villas, each that includes an inviting living space, welcoming bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, and a secluded garden with a large private pool is designed for discerning guests in search of romance, revival, and recreation.

Gửi lúc 10:24' 09/02/2012
Thailand is famous for its tropical islands. From Phuket to Ko Lipe, Ko Samui to Ko Tao and from one Ko Chang to another, there's an island for every month, a beach for every week, and a new palm tree to lay under for every day. But the question begs, "What is the best island in Thailand?"

Gửi lúc 09:55' 09/02/2012
Thai Traditional Literature is essentially religious. Most of the literature in the old days consisted of works on Buddhism and Hinduism directly or indirectly. Whatever culture the Thai people brought with them from thier homeland in Southern China where they had been in contact with Chinese culture for centuries was adapted to its later conception of Buddhism, their adopted religion. Traces of their original culture may be found here and there in a disguised and weak form embedded...

Gửi lúc 09:50' 09/02/2012
The first-time visitor to Thailand may register a bit of confusion as to why the timing of some important Buddhist and traditional holidays seems to 'float' across the calendar rather than occurring on fixed days each year as is customary in the West. The answer is such holidays are scheduled according to the ancient Thai lunar calendar, rather than the western Gregorian calendar which has been official in the Kingdom for many years.

Gửi lúc 09:33' 09/02/2012
Thailand is popularly known as the "land of smiles", "land of yellow robes" and probably another popularity of Thailand is a land of tropical fruits as the country is blessed with a myriad of delicious tropical and temperate fruits which only vary depending on the season.

Gửi lúc 09:31' 09/02/2012
Have you ever tried Thai food? Do you like it? Thai food is one of the things that every foreigner should try when they come to Thailand. At my old school, when we have visitors from other countries we always take them out to eat. We take them to a Thai restaurant to try Thai food and also teach them about table manners too!

Gửi lúc 08:21' 09/02/2012
Imagine studying in a country like Thailand… Imagine rewarding yourself with a weekend on the beach after a hard week’s study, or trekking through the jungle as soon as your exams are over! Whether for full blown degree programs or short vocational courses, more and more people are making Thailand part of their educational objectives and becoming 'Educational Tourists'.

Gửi lúc 07:31' 09/02/2012
Located 867 kilometres south of Bangkok, Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, shaped like an irregular pearl and measuring approximately 21 kilometres long. Connected to the mainland by a causeway, it has a coastline fringed with white sandy beaches and quiet coves, bathed by the clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea and set against a backdrop of green hills, coconut groves and rubber plantations.

Gửi lúc 07:08' 09/02/2012
Kantoke Dinners and cultural show in Chiang Mai provides a good way to get to know both the Northern food and culture at the same time. At this event, visitors are seated in the floor around a circular tray with Northern dishes on it and eat while watching traditional Thai and Northern dances and hill tribe culture shows.