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Gửi lúc 13:19' 21/01/2012
No visa on arrival without applying online: many people believe that they can get a visa directly at Vietnam airport without applying online. That is wrong, you can not until the visa is approved. So, you will need to apply online for an approval letter in order to pick up your visa at Vietnam airport. Visa on arrival at the border: Visa on arrival works for air travel only. So, if you do not enter Vietnam by air, just make sure you have the visa in advance.

Gửi lúc 13:17' 21/01/2012
You are required to provide 1-2 passport size photos and the cost was about 1500 Baht. Normal process takes around 2-3 days, if you need an express one (1 working day), then you have to pay a little bit more. Getting visa on arrival, If you travel to Vietnam by air from Thailand, visa on arrival is also a convenient method to get your Vietnam Visa online at: . Our service fee is 25$ US/person and take 2 working days to get it approved.

Gửi lúc 13:14' 21/01/2012
Vietnam has signed agreements on Vietnam visa exemption with 55 countries (56 agreements), of which 54 agreements has entered into effect while 2 agreements has not been in force. The Exemption of visa includes exemption of visa for entry, exit and transit. The duration of stay subject to visa exemption begins from the date of entry.

Gửi lúc 12:39' 21/01/2012
Thank you for interested in Vietnam Visa online service at our Website But we are very sorry that we (a travel agency) cannot do Vietnam visa online service for citizens come from some countries at present. According to Vietnam Immigration, All these citizens, who want to come to Vietnam have contact to Vietnam Embassy at their country or Vietnam Immigration Department to apply for Visa directly

Gửi lúc 12:33' 21/01/2012
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Gửi lúc 12:23' 21/01/2012
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Gửi lúc 11:10' 21/01/2012
Visit Vietnamese embassy in Vientiane, Laos, It is pretty easy to get a Vietnamese visa in Vientiane, Laos through Vietnamese embassy. As many comments from travelers, the Vietnam embassy in Vientiane is pretty good. However, the fee is quite expensive, the price is around USD 50 (~477,455 Lao Kip), and it may take 3 days to process.

Gửi lúc 08:59' 19/01/2012
Foreigners, who stay in Vietnam more than 1 year and want to ask for a temporary residence card, are suggested to send the temporary residence card to the Vietnam Immigration Office or Police Immigration Management of Cities/Provinces under Central authority. Foreigners would like to ask to issue, extend, supplement, modify visa and temporary residence certificate do need submit records to the Vietnam Immigration Office or Police Immigration Management of Cities/Provinces under Central...

Gửi lúc 08:54' 19/01/2012
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Gửi lúc 08:13' 19/01/2012
Before you even schedule your trip, you will need to get a travel document, that is, passport. Then, you will need a visa to visit some coutries in Asia including Vietnam .You can follow this instructions which provide you useful information and guidelines to easily get a visa to Vietnam: You can apply online at for visa on arrival (visa picked up at arrival airport in Vietnam, applicable for those traveling by air to Vietnam). This is safe, quick and easy....

Gửi lúc 08:07' 19/01/2012
Vietnam Visa exemption is granted to: Citizens of Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos for visits of 30 days at the maximum. Citizens of Phillippines for visits of 21 days at the maximum. Citizens of Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia and Finland for visits of 15 days at the maximum. Citizens of Brunei for visits of 14 days at the maximum.

Gửi lúc 08:03' 19/01/2012
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