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Viet Green Charity


Hanoi, 12 December 2011

Dear sir/madam,
Deeply religious "Business people like yourself can trade," as well as deeply felt the hard problems are happening every day with the unhappiness, comes from the heart the desire to do the program from better improvement, the right audience to help, giving practical effect to the wishes hope to ease the pain of illness, physical deprivation of the poor.

On 10/10/2011, we are dear friends, the nurses and doctors, the young entrepreneurs of the same mind that is connected charity, the campaign volunteer for many charitable organizations and individuals; Center to raise financial and material brought to the remote areas, carry out medical operations, dispensing free gifts and relief for the poor all over the country.
On 11/11/2011, we have "compassion Coast" with each other and agreed to establish "Green Charity" In this place only hearts "Compassion Center" in light, transparent and activities "Volunteer" non-profit, irrespective of religion, not politics.

With the aim of all activities for the poor,
Viet Green Charity firmly believe building a bridge between the two sides of love: the powerful sponsors, donors have compassionate heart always ready to contribute financially physical connection with the human passion for charity work, dedication and strength in their ability to travel to distant lands many difficulties deprivation, disease, occurrence of natural places calamities, to help people overcome the roadblocks of life.... You will understand our aims more how we can choice Viet Green Charity click here

Viet Green Charity with the guidelines set out throughout all of the operations: Your money or in kind contributions of benefactors, donors are assured given its entirety and directly to the poor fellow really need assistance. All this activity Charity Green will manage and perform in public - transparency - clear.

    Viet Green Charity aims to make free charitable activities as follows:
* Aid: emergency aid the victims of flood disaster relief, poverty, ethnic or disadvantaged through each trip pitiful.
* Program for Heart donations for children
* Surgery Program smile - because Operation Smile Smile hope
* Charitable Donations Green Fund to support victims of Agent Orange
* Eye surgery: surgery for the poor eyesight blinded by cataracts. Medical examination: medical organizations to remote areas difficult examination and free medicine for the poor.
* Building bridges: deleted for bamboo footbridges; Beton bridge for people traveling in remote areas, far away, poor infrastructure.
* Special education: scholarship assistance to children of learning.
* Children: Medical Care, Gifts, organized recreation for children on New Year's Children (1:06), Mid-Autumn Festival (August full moon lunar calendar).

Viet Green Charity is affiliated with the charities, religious organizations, individuals, charitable, non-governmental organizations at home and abroad, overseas Vietnamese women, especially the the following:
o Organizing Project for Medical Nehemiad Viet Nam - United States.
o Organization Chritian Siloam Ministries - the UK.
o Hope Haven Christian Ministries Organization - the United States.
o Project C.U.R.E Organization - the United States.
o Organization of the People Care - Italy.
o Organization of Children of Vietnam - United States.
o Organization Giving it Back to Kids - the United States.
o Organization of the Protestant Church Elder Vietnam - United States.
o Organization of La Goutte d'eau - the French Republic.
o Fund for Children of Vietnam - Vietnam.
o Organizations Help U.S. - United States.
o Organization of the United States rims.
Gia Lam Pagoda Thien Sanh o Bien Hoa Dong Nai - Vietnam.
o Organization of L'Avenir L'Enfant - French Republic.
o Organization Miserior - Federal Republic of Germany.
o Organization of Spring - the French Republic.
o Organization Wereld Hulp Nood - United States.
o The Federation of Evangelical Baptist property - United States.
o Organization Bilan - Belgium.
o International Organization of Women in Hanoi.
o SOS Children's Villages Vietnam.

These organizations and many individuals on this grant program to build homes, wheelchairs, car shaking, scholarships, health programs, aid to victims of floods and more hurricanes, leprosy patients , cataract eye surgery, radio cassettes for the blind, the pot porridge love, love etc. .. shelters, and are paid directly to the hands of beneficiaries.

Each loving heart is divided connected to how strict life is multiplied thousands of happy joy. Let's go to the
Viet Green Charity every angle of life of poor people everywhere.

Address: 102 H50, 41/27 Lane, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi
Tel: 04.62785649 | 0989313339
Yahoo Chat: vietgreencharity
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Let's hope that brings happiness and peace to every heart the people!

Thank you very much.

  Tommy, Le Tien Dung