Children are not tourist attractions - Child safe policy of Viet...


Keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility – this includes both the prevention of harm and abuse, and effectively responding to reports or suspicions of abuse.  All travel...

Why travellers trust The Viet Green Travel Ecotourism Guide


Ecotourism is becoming more popular in Vietnam as visitors become more mindful of minimizing their impact on the beautiful lands they travel through. Vietnam is quickly providing numerous ecotourism...

How we do responsible tourism in Vietnam


When Viet Green Travel started Responsible Travel in 2010 and started talking about responsible tourism, the prevalent terms were ‘ecotourism’ and ‘green tourism’. Our idea for responsible...

Responsible travel in the age of COVID-19


As travellers, we have a responsibility to do no harm to the health of our communities at home and those that we visit. In essence, we should have a positive impact on the environment, society and...

Viet Green Responsible Travel Policy


The staff at Viet Green Luxury Travel is asked to recycle all waste paper, cardboard, cans, and plastics, to turn off computers and appliances, air conditioning/heating and lights at night. We work...

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