Thailand brings back mandatory quarantine for tourists on Omicron...


The Thai government has reimposed mandatory quarantine for all foreign tourists to prevent the spread of the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Vietnam mulls Covid-19 travel ban for Southern Africa


The Ministry of Health proposed Sunday to suspend all flights to and from southern African countries in response to the new Covid-19 variant Omicron. 

Saudi Arabia to lift travel ban for arrivals from Vietnam


Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Interior announced it will lift an entry ban on fully vaccinated expats from six countries including Vietnam from Dec. 1.

What can I apply for the Vietnam Visa during Covid-19 period?


The Government still allow the foreign diplomats, officials, experts, investors, managers and high-skilled workers to arrive Vietnam. However, with a strictly statutes and policies. So,...

Fill Out Vietnamese Visa Application Form


Vietnamese visa application form (or formerly known as Vietnam entry and exit form or Vietnam visa on arrival form) is a required form for foreigners who are traveling to Vietnam by air...

Vietnam’s Entry Procedures for Foreign Employees amid the Pandemic


Subsequently, it suspended all international flights by March 25, 2020 effectively locking out visitors and business professionals except for Vietnamese nationals returning on special...

How safe is Vietnam for British tourist?


Vietnam is one of the most tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. When British tourists come to Vietnam in addition to applying for a visa, they also worry about safety in this peaceful...

Vietnam visa on arrival service for residents in Netherlands


Vietnam and the Netherlands are two countries with large plains and face the challenges of climate change and sea level rise. The two countries are also coastal countries with strategic...

Viet Nam Visa for Candians in March | Viet Green Visa


In addition to Vietnam visa, Canadians are also very interested in traveling where are beautiful in Vietnam in March. The warm spring to sunshine weather permeates from North to South,...

Do French need a visa to Viet Nam


At the regular Government press conference in April 2018, in the afternoon of May 3, Minister of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung said that the Prime Minister had agreed to...

6 asked questions about Vietnam visa in the US


Requirements, cost, how to apply, type of visas ... are the things that American citizens are most interested in when applying for Vietnam visa. We answer the most frequently asked...

20% Off for Applying for Vietnam Visa


Have you ever been to Vietnam and discovered the wonders in the S-shaped country? It will be great if you spend your holidays here with your friends and your family. 

Newest information about Vietnam visa for US citizens


From December 2016, following Vietnam - the United States friendship program, the Government of Vietnam has approved news Vietnam visas for US citizens policy: upgrading the visa validity...

How to get a visa to Vietnam for South African


Coming to Vietnam, you not only experience the simple life of wet rice agriculture in the Mekong Delta but also immerse yourself in the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia such as Da...

All guide for Vietnam tourist visas for the US citizens in 2021


The previous article answered the question Do US passport need visa travel to Vietnam? And shared visa requirements and ways to apply for a Vietnam tourist visa for US citizens. In this...

How much does a Vietnam tourist visa for Australian cost


In the previous article, we introduced Vietnam tourist visa for Australian residents so we will not re-mention this issue but will clarify the types of expenses you must pay when applying...

Vietnam E Visa - Need to know | Viet Green Visa


Tourist visas to Vietnam are the biggest concern for foreigners who want to go on vacation, discover this S-shaped country. Get Vietnam evisa, Vietnam visa on arrival and Visa at...

Do you need a visa for Vietnam from Germany?


Good news for German tourists when coming to Vietnam because you do not need a visa to Vietnam when you stay in this beautiful country no more than 15 days from the date of entry. If you...

US citizens travel need Vietnam Visa


Phu Quoc is the only place where US residents can travel without a Vietnam visa. Accordingly, decision 80 stipulates: Foreigners and Vietnamese who bring foreign passports to enter, exit...

What is E Visa Vietnam | Viet Green Visa


According to the United Nations Tourism Organization (UNWTO), economic growth, air travel is more affordable, changes in technology, new business models and visa issuance are facilitated....

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